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Spare Parts

New, used and rebuilt parts are available for many diferent CNC manufacturers.

  • Controllers, CPU cards, Input/Output Modules, Power Supplies
  • Servo Drives & Motors,
  • Router Motors & Accessories
  • Cylinders, Air Fittings, Electrovalves
  • Sensors & Limit Switches
  • Tool Holders & Tool Forks
  • Belts & Pulliies
  • Contactors & Beakers

Call for  (810) 705-3957 for Cost & Availability.

Inverter Air Cylinder

Be Prepared

No matter how well made your CNC is eventually something will break. You can't keep a spare of everything, but  there are some regular replacement items, and hard to find items that  you can put on your shelf with out breaking your budget.  



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