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Spare Part Kits

Be Prepared!
Keeping spare parts on hand for your CNC machine can save you a lot of downtime. and a lot of headaches. Something as simple and inexpensive as a belt can can bring your CNC to a standstill for several days if you don't have a spare ready.

Below are a list of items you should try to stock for your CNC:

Some of the belts in service today last  for many years, but still they wear, and eventually they break.. Belt replacement is often a relatively simple and inexpensive way to keep your CNC in production.

Tool Holders, Spring Collets & Tool Forks
Standard wear items. These should be replaced regularly to prevent  uneccessary wear and tear on your router motor and help prevent crashes during tool changes.

Contactors, Breakers & Fuses
Must have items!

Sensors & Switches
Spare electromagnetic proximity sensors and  limit switches are ususally not very costly and can be a great help when diagnosing problems.

Input/Output Cards & Modules
These tend to go bad fairly regularly and  can at times be hard to get. Keep at leat one of each kind on hand if possible.

Drives & Motors
A bigger investment, but well worth it if one goes down. Some drives and motors are no longer in production and finding them can be a big hassle.

Keep ready supplies of Air Oil,  Ballscrew & Rail  grease, and  Drill Head lubrication on hand at all times. More serious breakdowns occur on CNCs because of improper lubricattion than for any other reason.

Nuts, Bolts, & Washers
A good supply of fasteners is very helpful. You  can  lose a lot of machine production time if you have to run out to the hardware for something as simple as nut or bolt..

Tools & Supplies
Wrenches,  Sockets and Screwdrivers should be easily accessible. An ohm (electrical) meter should be close by. Also, have a spray bottle filled with100% mineral spirits by the CNC and a can of electrical contact cleaner.


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